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Stable tolerance
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Stable tolerance

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  • Time of issue:2021-09-18 14:43:54
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During the production process, the company obtains stable dimensional tolerance through self inspection, sampling inspection, patrol inspection and full inspection, so as to ensure the accuracy of the bearing.
Waviness, roundness and profile analyzer
Low noise and vibration of bearings are becoming more and more important in most applications. One of the main reasons for high vibration value is the waviness of bearing components. VCD bearing adopts "Taylor Hobson tester" imported from Britain, which can effectively obtain the waviness of semi-finished products in production, and then provide solid and reliable data for the company's quality and production department to improve process and quality control. The amplitude of ripple of this equipment is nano wave, which can meet the extremely high requirements of accurate measurement and obtain analytical data.
Noise test
In VCD bearing production, the channel analyzer is used to measure the amplitude and frequency distribution of vibration. The company's automatic equipment production line incorporates a channel analyzer. This machine can convert signals electronically by heterodyne process, so that they can make sound and see feedback data, which enables timely control of bearing noise in production, timely adjustment in case of problems, so as to reduce the defect rate and improve production efficiency.

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