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Committed to the development of various precision deep groove ball bearings with an inner diameter of 4mm-100mm


Ningbo Donghuang Bearing Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of “EMQ” deep groove ball bearings. The company is committed to the development of various precision deep groove ball bearings with an inner diameter of 4mm-100mm. The company has advanced technology, sophisticated equipment, complete testing and testing methods, as well as a high-quality technical development team and capable and skilled employees, and meticulously created two brands of "VCD" and "MOS". The rise of Donghuang Bearing has turned a glorious page for the professional production of medium and high-grade deep groove ball silent bearings. The company has an advanced assembly production line and a complete quality inspection center. Since its establishment in 1995, after more than ten years of operation and development, it has fixed assets of nearly 150 million yuan. The factory covers an area of ​​58,000 square meters (㎡) and has automatic There are more than 120 production lines, various testing and inspection equipment, and an annual production capacity of 160 million sets of high-quality bearings.


Donghuang Bearing pays attention to technology and management. At present, it has a bearing testing center equipped with domestic first-class testing equipment and fully enters the automotive field. The company has gained IATF16949, OHSAS18001, ISO14000 and VALEO1000 certification. Now the company's own brand "VCD" and "MOS" bearing market scale, customer grade and product technical level are among the best in many domestic bearing manufacturers. Most of the products are exported, and we have successfully cooperated with many famous companies around the world and become their stable suppliers.


At present, the company's Miniature motor bearings,6300 Series Bearing,Ball bearing for household appliances,Micro electric appliances etc.products are divided into export and domestic sales.  The main customers include Haier, Midea, Yadea, Zhongda Electric, South Korea LG, Samsung; Japan NKE, NACHI; American Whirlpool, SKF bearings, Ford, Emerson; Germany Bosch And many other leading companies in the industry. The company has been rated as the best supplier by Samsung for many years, and the production and sales of small and medium-sized miniature bearings produced by the company are among the best in the industry. Among them, the company's industrial clutch bearings account for 30-40% of the national output, which also monopolizes the domestic high-end market of this product and gradually replaces imported products. After years of hard work, the company has established a global marketing network. The next step will be to enter the world's higher-end medium and large precision bearing market through this network.




Factory area


Assembly line

1.6Billion sets

Production capacity


Development strategy

Train hundreds of outstanding employees and serve hundreds of high-end customers.

Brand Positioning

Miniature precision bearings with low noise, high speed and long life.

Quality policy

Quality first, scientific management, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction.

Corporate purposes

We welcome customers with high quality and promote the market with low prices.

corporate vision

To expand international business, we must not only become a domestic first-class enterprise, but also become a world-class professional bearing manufacturing and service leading modern new-type enterprise.

Enterprise's goal

To be a high-end reducer bearing, bicycle bearing, gearbox bearing, bearing high temperature resistance, crusher bearing, electric tool bearing, vacuum cleaner bearing, camera bearing, and use 5 years to be the forerunner in the automation robot industry market.



Main customers

At present, the company's products are mainly exported, and its main customers include South Korea's LG, Wuxing Electromechanical Company; Japan's Sanyo, Panasonic, Minolta, Ricoh, and Shinano; American GE, Emerson, Black & Decker; Germany's Siemens, Bosch, etc. .

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