Bearing can choose diversity of greases. According to the different work environment and bearing operation conditions, we used the following list order to convenience for clients to choose. Besides these greases of the listed below, can also add other greases according to the requirements of our customers.


 Brand  Products  Base oil  Range of using  temperature  Character
KY0D0 YUSHI Multemp SRL Polyolester+Diester -50~+150 Can effectively restrain the noise, prolong service life
Multemp PS Diester+Refined mineral oil -50~+130 Suitable for low temperature.and restrain the noise effectively
Multemp SM-B Synthetic hydrocarbon -50~+200 Long life in the high temperature operation, appropriate used in low temperature, low torque in high speed running, low noise
Multemp ET-K Synthetic ether+Polyol ester -40 ≥ ~+200 High temperature condition continued work, having longer life
Synthetic oil -30~+200 High temperature longevity grease
EXXON MOBILE Polyrex EM Mineral grease -40~+180 Long life and resist to high temperature
Beacon325 Synthetic grease -54~+150 Common use grease
AndokC Petroleum oil -27~+120 Move smoothly and when minimum sliding, has long service life.
EXXON MOBILE Mobil 28 Synthetic hydrocarbon -54~+177 Wide temperature range and low torque.
Mobil HP Lithium compounds -30~+110 Moderate speed and inhibit the corrosion effectively.
CHEVRON SRI-2 Mineral grease -30~+180 Wide temperature range, waterproof effect is good.
SHELL Alvania2 Mineral grease -35~+120 Long life and resist to high temperature
RLQ#2 Mineral grease -50~+150 Low noise, fast speed, and resistant high temperature.
DUPONT Krytox 240AC Fluoride grease -35~+290 Stability effect is good in high temperature,and lubrication effect is strong.
KLUBER ASONIC Synthetic hydrocarbon -50~+140 Low noise, long life and low torque.