Bearing abnormal operation condition and the corresponding countermeasures


  conditions  Speculate reasons  Measures
Abnormal temperature rise Grease too much or too little After checking,inject the right amount of lubricant.
Load increased  Adjust load,and modify bearing clearance or Abnormal temperature rise cooperate with clearance.
Bad Installation Improve the bearing process, installation accuracy, and the size of the prestressing force.
Cooperate with surface peristalsis or bearing external friction Adjust precision or change the bearing
Big vibration Bad Installation Fixed axis or shell with precision, and adjust the preload.
Other things invasion Improve the shaft and shell surface cleanliness,
and improve the installation way.
Bearing wear or deformation Change the bearing
Oil leakage or discoloration Too much grease or seal rickety, outside oil, water invasion, etc Adjust the grease capacity or replace the seal form, and improve the bearing work environment.
Big noise Bearing damage, peel,and clearance is too large. Change the bearing
Other things invasion Clean parts, replace the seal device,and use clean grease.

Above are only some common anomalies, according to the actual use situation in bearing, we can find out the reasons,and make out the feasible solution.


  Common injury and corresponding countermeasures in bearings


 Types  Damage phenomenon  Reasons  Measures
Stripping Groove surface and part of the rolling surface have damage like fish scales. Bearing internal clearance is too small. Improper or inadequate greaseAxial load changed Corrosion Bad installation Choose the suitable internal bearing clearance To choose lubrication method and grease To select the supporting bearing axial clearance Comprehensive anti-rust process to bearing Establish a reasonable accuracy
Outer and inner ring fracture Interference larger Large impact load
Stripping or bum extension
Cooperate with shaft or shell round is too large
Choose the suitable cooperation Set stable load Rounded corners on cooperate surface is less than bearing comer
electrolytic corrosion Rolling surface appears edm produce the melting point, and the surface has a small indentation. Current through the bearing produced sparks. Implement insulation in bearing Set current bypass not through bearing
Rust corrosion Bearing surface and roll surfaces are rusted. Environment humidity is bigger.
There is water or corrosion material into the internal bearing.
Improve sealing device and improve bearing storage environment
creep deformation Rings movement relative axis or axial shell. Sleeve tighten is not enough. Interference shortage Appropriate strengthen Increase the interference
Holder rupture There is distortion, wear and fracture. Shock and torque is too large Improper lubricant Bad installation Reset load To choose the suitable lubricant type Reduce the installation error, improve installation method

Above are several common problems appeared in use process.Specific conditions need specific analysis,giving the practical solutions.


  The disassembly of bearing

In replacing other parts, bearing is periodically to detect the components. Moreover, a anxis and a bearing seat are also changed frequently, in some cases,bearing need to replace,too.Bearing, anxis,bearing seat and other parts of the design should prevent damage when disassembly of bearing, at the same time, use the correct removal tools.To remove a interference fit with inside and outside ring,force can be added only to the forced ring, not in otherparts of the bearing, because it may causes the nternal damage on bearing raceway or rolling body.