rings and ball vacuum deairing with treatment of high carbon chromium bearing steel production GCR15 is the standard material to produce the accurate internal and extrnal circle and ball.This material with the United States AISL 52100, Germany DIN100Cr6, Japan JISSUJ2 specifications are consistent.


 Steel Number   Chejnical composition %
 GCr 15  C  Si  Min  P  S  Cr  Mo  Cu  Ni
 0.95-1.05  0.15-0.35  0.25-0.45  SO.025  SO.025  1.40-1.65  -  SO.25  SO.30


The holder-VCD&XSHB standard holder is made of carbon steel by cold, but in corrosive environment, no parallel, or under high-speed operation, we can use stainless steel, nylon or phenolic resin holder according to customer's request.


  Steel Number  Chejnical composition %
 JISG 3141  C  Si  Min  P  S  Ni  Cr
 SPCC  <0.12  -  <0.5  <0.04  <0.045  -  -


   Bearing Seal

Bearing seal form into dust cover and plastic material seal.There are various types of seal.Because of different seal materials,bearing to adapt conditions will also change.Now shows some seal materials to consult.


  Name Code   Characteristics   Using temperature
 Acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber NBR  Oil resistance, heat resistance, resistance to wear  -40〜120
 Fluorine rubber FKM  Heat resistant, acid and alkali resistant and chemicals, oil resistance preferred  -20-200
 Silicone rubber VMQ  Heat and cold resistance,good compression deformation is small, but the  mechanical strength is not good.  -60-230
 Polypropylene acid ester rubber ACM  Heat resistance, oil resistance better than NBR. but resistance to water and alkali  is not strong  -20-150