Wheel bearing inspection


(1) when checking the tightness of hub bearing, we first set up the vehicle axle on the wheel hub of a car and wheel at one end, and set up the vehicle safely with the tools such as a car stool, a truck and so on.
(2) rotate the checked wheels by hand to see if the rotation is stable, and whether there is abnormal noise. If the rotation is not smooth and the friction sound, the brake part is not normal; if there is no noise, do not rotate smoothly and that the bearing part is not normally part. This wheel should be removed when the above abnormal phenomenon appears. For a small car, check the hub bearing, hold the upper and lower sides of the tire with both hands, pull the tires back and forth back and forth, and repeat it many times. If normal, there should be no feeling of loosening and blocking; if the swaying is obviously loose, the wheel should be removed.
(3) the inspection of the brake. Usually in check wheel bearings, check with wheel brake device, if the oil inside the tire, is likely to brake or brake pump tubing caused by oil leakage, should identify the reasons, be excluded.