Turntable bearing installation


    Before installing the turntable bearing, it is necessary to inspect the mounting surface of the host to require that the supporting member should have sufficient strength, the connecting surface should be machined, and the surface should be smooth and free of debris and burrs. Can not be machined to achieve the required flatness, you can use a large injection strength of special plastic filler, to ensure the accuracy of the installation plane and to reduce vibration. Turntable bearing ring has hardened soft zone, which in the ferrule end face are marked "S", the installation should make the soft belt position is placed in the non-load area or non-routine load area (plug hole is always located in the soft Belt Department).

     When installing the turntable bearing, first position it radially, tighten the mounting bolts crosswise, and check the rotation of the bearing. Tighten the bolt should have sufficient preload, the preload should be 70% of the yield limit of the bolt material. Mounting bolts should be equipped with tempered flat washers and the use of spring washers is prohibited.