Overview of bearing cleaning methods


The correct way to clean the bearings:
1, the process of using imported bearings, regular cleaning is very important. How to properly clean imported bearings? First remove the inspection bearings, the first use of photography and other methods to make a good appearance record. Also, check the amount of lubricant remaining and sample the lubricant before cleaning the bearings.
2, the bearing cleaning points rough cleaning and fine cleaning, and the bottom of the container can be placed on the metal grid.
3, rough wash, remove the grease or adhesive in the oil with a brush. At this time if the bearing rotation in the oil, pay attention to damage due to foreign bodies rolling surface.
4, fine wash, slowly rotate the bearings in the oil, to be carefully carried out.
5, the commonly used cleaning agent is neutral, non-water-containing diesel or kerosene, sometimes depending on the need to use warm lye and so on. No matter what kind of cleaning agents, should always be filtered to keep clean.
6, after cleaning, immediately coated with anti-rust oil or rust-proof grease on the imported bearings.