Needle roller bearings


High speed, high rigidity, can withstand high radial load can not withstand axial load needle roller bearings has the following characteristics:by the ring, needle roller and cage composition
;suitable for high speed, heavy load, small bearing space occasions.

1) Drawn cup needle roller bearings

There are two types of piercing and sealing. Drawn cup needle roller bearings without inner ring, with cage stamping cup needle roller bearings for high-speed, heavy load, used in machine tools, automobiles, motorcycles or gearbox textile machinery. Stamping ferrule needle bearings without cage are suitable for heavy-duty oscillating working conditions such as aircraft racks and the shaft ends of the main wing of the missile due to their full complement of needle rollers.

2) solid ring needle roller bearings

Commonly used solid ring needle roller bearings NA and RNA type. Its mostly used in machine tools, automotive gearbox. It has the advantage of small radial cross-sectional dimensions and large radial loads. Standard needle roller bearings have a cage, so the higher speed, suitable for machine tools, automotive gearbox requirements.

3) Combination needle roller bearings

Is a solid ring needle roller bearings and ball bearings, roller bearing combinations. There are usually the following forms, NKIA type, NKIB type, NKX type, NKXR type

4) needle roller and cage assembly

In fact, no ring needle roller bearings, used for gearbox, motorcycle, car connecting rod big and small end.