How to Identify the Quality of INA Rolling Bearing


Each INA bearing model has different characteristics depending on the design, which makes each model more or less suitable for a particular purpose. For example, deep groove ball bearings can withstand moderate radial and axial loads. They are low in friction and can be manufactured in a variety of types with high accuracy and quiet operating requirements. So they are more suitable for small and medium-sized electric motors; spherical and roller bearings can withstand very high loads and can automatically align. Such features make them well suited for use in heavy-duty engineering, for example, where heavy loads, shaft deflections, and misalignments occur.

Identify the quality of equipment INA bearings, we usually from the following aspects:

1, steel printing is clear

Each bearing products will be printed on the body of the rolling bearing its brand name, label and so on. Although the font is very small, but the regular manufacturers of products using the stamp technology printing, but also in the heat treatment before the word is not carried, so the font is small, but concave deep, very clear. And usually, counterfeit products, not only the font is fuzzy, because the printing technology is rough, the font floating on the surface, and some even easily can be erased by hand or hand marks.

2, the packaging is clear

Under normal circumstances, the regular manufacturers of the brand has its own design of the external packaging design, and production conditions for clearance of the factory production, therefore, the product of the packaging in terms of lines to the color block should be very clear, unambiguous.

3, the surface is turbid oil traces

The surface is turbid oil traces which we need to pay special attention when buying bearings. As the current domestic anti-rust technology and foreign advanced manufacturing countries there is a certain gap, so the bearing body rust treatment is easy to leave a thick traces of oil, feel thick sticky sticky, and foreign The original bearing almost do not see any trace of anti-rust oil. According to insiders, particularly careful people can smell in the INA bearing a special taste, this is the taste of rust-proof oil.

4, whether there is noise

Left hand holding the body sets of rolling bearings, right hand toggle jacket to rotate, listening to INA bearing operation during the absence of noise. As most of the production of counterfeit products backward, completely hand-workshop operation, in the production process will inevitably be incorporated into the bearing body of dust, sand, a class of impurities, so when the bearing rotation will appear noise or noise is not smooth . This is the key to judging whether a product comes from a branded product of a regular manufacturer with strict production standards and machine operation.

5, chamfering is uniform

The so-called bearing chamfer, which is the junction of the horizontal and vertical surface, counterfeit bearing products due to production technology constraints, in these parts of the edges and corners of the deal was unsatisfactory, which we can easily identify. For detailed information on individual bearing types, including product characteristics and available design specifications, see the relevant section on individual bearing types. Types of rolling bearings not included in the table are usually only suitable for a limited number of specific applications.

The table uses a relatively simple bearing type classification. The symbols used are limited so that no exact distinction can be made, and some characteristics are not determined solely by the bearing design. For example, configurations that include angular contact ball bearings or tapered roller bearings also depend on the preload and the speed of operation, which are affected by the precision of the bearing and its associated components and the design of the cage. In spite of its limitations, it is possible to select the appropriate bearing type according to the table. It must also be noted that the total cost of the entire bearing configuration and the inventory considerations also influence the final selection.

In addition, there are other important criteria that need to be observed when designing the bearing configuration, including bearing capacity and life, friction, allowable speed range, INA bearing internal cleaning or preload, lubrication and sealing.