Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Bearings


Rolling bearings are the most widely used mechanical parts of the question, at the same time, it is also one of the most vulnerable components of the machine. Many of the rotating machinery faults are related to the state of the rolling bearing. According to statistics, in the use of rolling bearings in the rotating machinery, about 30% of the mechanical failure is caused by the bearing. It can be seen that the bearing has a great impact on the working state of the machine.
Usually, due to the defects of the bearing will cause the machine to produce vibration and noise, and even cause damage to the machine. In the precision machinery (such as precision machine tool spindle, gyro, etc.), the bearing requirements are even higher, even if there are micron-level defects in the bearing, will lead to the accuracy of the entire machine system has been destroyed.
The earliest use of the bearing diagnostic method is to listen to the bearing rod contact parts, relying on the hearing to determine whether the failure of the bearing. This method is still in use, but has been gradually using electronic stethoscope to replace the rod to improve the sensitivity. And then gradually use all kinds of vibration equipment, instruments and the use of displacement, speed or acceleration of the rms value or peak to determine whether the bearing fault. This can reduce the reliance on the experience of equipment maintenance personnel, but it is still difficult to find early failures.
Rolling bearings in the application of the equipment is very extensive, good or bad rolling bearing state is directly related to the operation of rotating equipment, especially in the large-scale production enterprises, a large number of large-scale rotating equipment used in important parts, therefore, the actual production of rolling bearing condition monitoring and Fault diagnosis is an important part of equipment maintenance and management. We have been through long-term practice and groping, accumulated some of the actual practical fault diagnosis of rolling bearings.http://www.chinabearing.net/