Bearing the post code


Bearing the post code is the use of letters and numbers, said bearing structure, tolerance and material requirements and so on. There are many contents of the post code, the following describes several commonly used code.
1) The internal structure of the code is that the same type of bearing different internal structure, followed by the alphabet followed by the basic code. Such as: contact angle of 15 °, 25 ° and 40 ° angular contact ball bearings, respectively, with C, AC and B that the internal structure of the different.
2) The bearing tolerance class is divided into 6 grades, 4 grades, 5 grades, 6 grades, 6X grades and 0 grades, a total of 6 grades, followed by the senior to the lower, the code were respectively / PZ, / P6, / P6X and / PO. Tolerance level, 6X-level only applies to tapered roller bearings; 0 level for the general level, not marked in the bearing code. .
3) The commonly used bearing radial clearance series is divided into 1 group, 2 groups, 0 groups, 3 groups, 4 groups and 5 groups, a total of 6 groups, followed by radial clearance from small to large. o Group clearance is commonly used clearance group, not marked in the bearing code, the rest of the clearance group in the bearing code were used / CI, / CZ, / C3, / C4, / CS said.