Bearing temperature


The temperature of the bearing is generally measured by the temperature of the outside of the bearing. It is more appropriate to use the oil hole to directly measure the temperature of the outer ring of the bearing.
In general, the temperature of the bearing begins to rise slowly as the bearing moves, and it reaches a steady state after 1-2 hours. The normal temperature of the bearing varies with the heat capacity, heat dissipation, speed and load of the machine. If the lubrication, installation is not appropriate, bearing temperature quick rise, abnormal high temperature, then you must stop, take the necessary preventive measures. The temperature of the bearing can be monitored at any time by using the heat detector, and the alarm or stop is automatically avoided when the temperature exceeds the specified value.
High temperatures often indicate that the bearings are in abnormal condition. High temperature is also harmful to bearing lubricants. Sometimes the bearing is overheated and can be attributed to the lubricant in the bearing. If the bearings are longer than the temperature of 125 degrees, even the transfer will reduce the bearing life. Causes of high temperature bearings include: insufficient lubrication or excessive lubrication; lubricants. Contains impurities, excessive load, bearing ring, gap is insufficient, and the high friction caused by oil seals, and so on.
Therefore, continuous monitoring of bearing temperature is necessary, both for measuring bearings themselves or other important parts. If the operating conditions are constant, any change in temperature may indicate a failure. Regular measurements of the temperature of the bearings can be made by means of thermometers, such as SKF digital thermometers, that can accurately measure the temperature of the bearings and display at temperatures equal to or below the temperature of fahrenheit. The importance of bearing means that when it is damaged, it will cause the equipment to stop. Therefore, it is better to add a temperature detector to this kind of bearings. Under normal conditions, the bearings will naturally rise in temperature after the first lubrication or re lubrication and continue for one or two days.