Bearing industry development prospects


Bearing has always been a key component in the equipment manufacturing industry. The performance, quality and reliability of mechanical equipment depend on the bearing performance. This year and the next few years China's bearing industry will usher in a new period of development. Bearing is an indispensable "joint" for national economic construction. It is widely used in industries such as metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical engineering, shipbuilding, automobile, high-speed railway, cement, engineering machinery and heavy machinery.
Although China's bearing industry after years of development already have a considerable scale of production and production technology, but the moment the Chinese bearing casting industry must focus on improving product quality and reduce manufacturing costs, from "big" to "strong" strategic change. At the same time, as China's urbanization continues to push forward and strategic development of new industries, China's industrial enterprises will continue to deepen the transformation and upgrading, thus promoting China's bearing industry market will maintain long-term stable growth trend. To this end the country has also introduced a series of steady growth policy support, with "along the way", the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei joint development, the Yangtze River economic zone strategy, and high-speed rail and high-end equipment manufacturing industry to accelerate the development of huge bearing market is open. However, the current bearing market is also a big problem: the lack of core technology bearing industry, high-end bearing development blocked small and medium-sized bearing industry because of cash flow problems difficult, bearing the market downturn and so on. Which led to the domestic and international In addition to several large-scale rapid development of the bearing business, the other small and medium enterprises struggling, especially after 13 years of international economic depression, bearing the sharp decline in production and sales channels, but also by the impact of mobile Internet enterprises bearing It is even more difficult.
After considering all the reasons, Luoyang Wu Steel Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. "China Bearing Information Network" holder Wu Gangshuan Wu total positive response to the national industrial transformation and development to speed up the action requirements, conform to the depth of integration of information technology and industrialization Trend, and further enhance China's bearing industry, the level of industrial manufacturing intelligence, and thus accelerate the pace of industrial power and industrial transformation and upgrading. Taking into account the mobile Internet no one has taken this step, so in 2013 registered the Chinese bearing information network, and the first in the mobile end of the first to create a micro-mall, public number, APP.
2016 mobile Internet showing a fire Liaoyuanzhishi. Mr. Wu has taken the lead to seize the entrance to the mobile Internet, "mobile phone." Mobile phone can bring their own browser voice input China Bearing Information Network. Mobile phone can be a direct access to enterprise and platform applications platform, the first to achieve artificial intelligence voice Direct. But also through the official government business unified service platform "mobile phone," Tianjin, more convenient and faster service to local governments and enterprises. Now the specific Internet platform has been set up to complete, has been in the trial operation phase will continue to meet the market and user needs. The platform is very hot domestic industry information and industry market dynamics, the Chinese bearing information network recently through the revision on the line, an increase of the bearing mall, to achieve the mobile phone online shopping function, as long as you click on the phone, you need the bearings will be sent to the door . Ben Wang has a collection of nearly ten thousand bearing models, follow-up will continue to increase. You can also seek expert help through the Internet direct dial telephone, is now inviting the majority of the bearings, machinery enterprises settled in various types of investment platform, joined.
2016 11.16-18 "China Bearing Information Network. Mobile" debut The Third World Internet Conference by the community's attention. On the bearing industry is concerned, the electricity will be to save small and medium-sized bearing industry to survive a major trend, it is a breakthrough in shackles made great progress, we will wait and see.
China Bearing Information Network is currently the largest mobile version of the bearing information portal, designed to serve the Chinese bearing industrial and commercial enterprises and the majority of bearing users. Bearing Information Network in China you can learn more about bearing information, policies. I believe in Luoyang Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. will open a new round of "WGS" well-known bearing brand. Through the mobile palm platform, to seize the bearing industry's most influential high ground for the bearing enterprises and bearing users with the most valuable and most professional bearing mobile Internet tools. The future of China bearing information network will serve the enterprise, a mobile end bearing industry benchmark, drive a new round of economic growth, realize the Internet power dream.