Abnormal Operation Characteristics and Diagnostic Skill of Rolling Bearing


   Now because of fake and shoddy bearings will inevitably enter the business and equipment, and these mobile bearings caused by serious failure is often sudden, catastrophic. Such as the bearing cage suddenly broken, the bearing inner and outer ring burst burst, etc., these failures will cause the rotor to hold the shaft, heavy or cause the rotor or equipment scrapped. In recent years we have often encountered such a situation in practice. Therefore, in the actual monitoring and diagnosis, must be diagnosed as soon as possible the quality of rolling bearings, and timely replacement of shoddy bearings, to avoid major accidents. We also in a large number of such accidents, but also accumulated some practical skills, that is, such bearings in the early installation after the operation to monitor the vibration state, and spectrum analysis. We found that the bearing in the early operation, the spectrum has its unique characteristics, that is, equipment frequency generally do not account for the main components. But the total value of vibration is not, with the vibration standard (such as ISO2372 standard) to determine the vibration is qualified.
At this point, it is necessary to cause our vigilance, this state that the performance of bearing parts defects, etc., its failure is often very fast and very sudden. In the above example, the rotor is axle two hours after the test.
In the diagnosis of these fake and shoddy bearings failure, we should pay attention to the accumulation of high-quality bearings in the equipment on the normal operation of the spectrum and vibration time domain situation, in the event of such abnormal spectrum can be timely to determine the bearing failure, to avoid equipment accidents.