Normal bearing wear failure


Bearing in the total number of hours of operation or the total number of revolutions beyond the calculated life of the bearing, or wear over the wear and tear after the excessive wear and tear, normal wear and tear failure. Produced because: rolling bearings are accompanied by a slight movement of the sliding, the load also has some fluctuations, so lubrication can delay wear but can not actually avoid the two interface solid contact, that can not completely avoid wear and tear. It shows the characteristics of: the rolling surface along the direction of movement occurred smoother wear stripes, new stripes have a more significant metallic luster. The normal wear and tear of the rolling bearing also has three stages, namely short-term "running-in" wear, long wear-out and severe short-term wear, eventually resulting in the loss of precision bearings or vibration and noise can not continue to use.

Abrasion failure that exceeds the rated life or wear life is practically inevitable under the state of the art. If the user's working life is still not satisfied with the requirements, can improve the bearing lubrication, the choice of more effective lubricants, or according to the specific situation by adding appropriate oily additives or anti-wear additives to improve the cleanliness of bearings and lubricants , Improve the seal and so on.