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High speed bearing
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High speed bearing

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  • Time of issue:2021-09-18 14:43:25
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When the bearing is operating under load, heat will be generated inside due to internal rotation, sliding and friction. When the running speed of the bearing increases, the temperature also increases. If the speed is too high and the temperature exceeds a certain limit, the effectiveness of the lubricant will be greatly reduced and the bearing will not operate stably.
In order to control the temperature rise at high speed, VCD Technology Center conducted a series of world-famous grease experiments according to the different characteristics of bearings required by different industries. They have excellent comprehensive performance at high speed, especially high temperature resistance and service life.
Generally, people only detect the temperature of the outer diameter of the bearing, which is unscientific. In most cases, although the temperature of the bearing surface is only 40 ℃, the temperature of its interior and grease may be as high as 100 ℃. VCD pays more attention to the maximum temperature inside the bearing when selecting grease and sealing materials.

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