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High and low temperature resistant bearing
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High and low temperature resistant bearing

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1. Diversification of VCD sealing ring materials
L nitrile rubber NBR (- 40 ~ 250F) 40 ~ 90 has low compression characteristics, high ductility, high wear resistance and superior oil resistance. It is not suitable for high temperature conditions, and avoids direct sunlight and corrosion of chemicals (such as acid ether ester).
L hydrogenated nitrile rubber HNBR / NEM (- 30 ~ 330f) 50 ~ 90 has heat resistance, high ductility, improved physical strength and chemical corrosion resistance, but it is not suitable for ultra-low temperature conditions to avoid direct sunlight and chemical corrosion (such as acid ether ester, etc.).
L fluororubber FKM / FPM (- 20 ~ 400F) 50 ~ 95 has high temperature resistance, significant chemical corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance. Petroleum products (such as acid and silicone oil) are not suitable for occasions requiring low temperature flexibility.
L polyacrylate rubber ACM rubber (0 ~ 350f) 40 ~ 90 has strong resistance to hot oil, direct sunlight and ozone degradation corrosion. At the same time, it has strong crack resistance and poor waterproof performance, so it is not suitable for ultra-low temperature working state
Lubricant selection
VCD has many years of in-depth cooperation with many international well-known oil suppliers as part of the company's service support. From a series of lubricants, our company has set a series of grease suitable for rolling bearings.
2. High temperature resistant grease
High temperature resistant oils include better synthetic crude oils with thermal stability and containing organic or inorganic thickeners. However, for long-term lubrication, VCD recommends that the operating temperature should be relatively lower than the limit temperature to achieve satisfactory operating time.
3. Low temperature resistant grease
The minimum consistency of lubricating grease will increase at low temperature, showing excellent low temperature stability. The base oils suitable for low temperature are synthetic esters, perfluoropolyether oils and olefins.

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