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Causes and solutions for common abnormal noise of reducer bearings

Causes and solutions for common abnormal noise of reducer bearings

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As a member of many reducers, planetary reducers are widely used in major machinery industries due to their small size, light weight, high precision, and long life. Its interior is composed of single-stage or multi-stage planetary gear trains, with compact structure, small volume and high transmission efficiency. Then, abnormal noise is the most common and frequent problem of planetary reducer due to heavy load and harsh use environment. The structure of the planetary reducer is mainly divided into several parts: connecting plate, coupling, lower cover, sun gear, planetary gear, inner gear ring, upper cover and planetary support. The following is to find the reason from the inside of the reducer. Explain the common reasons for zu separately:

1. The gear meshing gap is too large

This situation is common in abnormal noises that only appear after a period of use. The newly assembled planetary reducer has a good gear meshing. After a period of use, the abnormal noise is particularly loud. The reason is that the manufacturer uses unqualified gears. The low price causes the gears to have insufficient hardness, severe wear, or planetary carrier deviation. It is recommended Purchase B&R planetary gearboxes.

2. Parts damaged and dropped. Planetary reducers often receive large load impacts. Under the continuous action of the load, the bearings, gears and other parts are damaged and dropped. The damaged parts fall into the body and cause abnormal noise. It is necessary to clean the fallen parts of the parts in the body in time, and replace the damaged parts.

3. Large bearing clearance

This abnormal noise is periodic and increases with the increase of the speed. The bearing is mainly composed of inner ring, outer ring, rolling element and cage. Large bearing clearance means that the gap between the roller and the inner and outer rings is too large. During operation, the rolling elements collided with the inner and outer rings, causing abnormal noise.

4. Gear tooth side lash is too large

This kind of abnormal noise often occurs at the moment the reducer starts, and disappears during continuous operation. (In order to form a lubricating oil film between the meshing tooth profiles and avoid jamming due to the frictional heating and expansion of the gear teeth, there must be a gap between the tooth profiles. This gap is called the tooth side gap) ww. femander. com If the gap is too large, a strong impact force will occur at the moment of contact between the gear teeth, and an abnormal impact will occur. Under normal circumstances, the planetary reducer will have noise. If the sound is particularly loud, it will exceed The noise value marked by the manufacturer is an abnormal noise, which may be caused by a large tooth backlash. If the noise cannot be tolerated, it is recommended to replace the planetary reducer of other brands.

5. The difference between the parts

The planetary gear reducer is assembled by humans. Concentricity deviations may occur between the various parts. In ancient countries, if the deviation exceeds the allowable range, abnormal noises will occur. The reason for the abnormal noises is the effect of unbalanced forces. Due to the uneven distribution of the work load Uniformity and unbalanced work force will affect the service life of the reducer. It is recommended to dismantle and reassemble.

6. Gear toothing

This kind of abnormal noise is particularly loud, and the impact sound is generally "click...", and it is periodic. It is recommended to replace the gear and the ring gear.

7. Insufficient lubricating oil

Since the reducer is often installed inside the equipment, oil leakage cannot be detected in time. This is because there may be no lubricating oil protection between the gears and the gears, the gears will accelerate wear and abnormal noises.

There are many kinds of abnormal noises of planetary reducer. If such a situation is found, you should first stop, check the equipment, and deal with it in time. This completely solves the problem of abnormal noise of planetary reducer, avoids further damage to the reducer, and restarts. produce.

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